Sunday Mood #78 + More Vlogtober

is there anything better than colourful trees? I don’t think so. some might think autumn is all grey, rainy and dark but it’s like a second spring that almost tastes like Christmas. I’m lucky to live in an area with loads of trees around and this beautiful bright red one was just too special to not take some snaps. it’s in my courtyard and I stood there for a while to just take pictures like a weirdo but looking at the pictures made me realize that its worth it to be a weirdo sometimes. I just love it when my blog photos or my Instagram feed looks seasonal and its just so much fun. I always say my love for cherishing the seasons, decorating and feeling all festive for every celebration truly comes from my mum who has already invited me over to carve pumpkins. 

what I did
again, I feel like this week flew by. it was just Monday a second ago. this week was quite packed and I had loads to do. I worked more, I went to the gym, I had a job interview, I had to take my classes, I met up with friends, phew. so much to do but I just like keeping myself busy and fill my days with tasks that either bring me joy or benefit my life.

what I didn’t do
there are still so many things I want to do to the flat and I feel like I haven’t really done anything towards that in ages. there are some little things I want to do to our bedroom and working on the hallway and living room is up next and I need to get going.
what I ate
I made another pumpkin spice loaf and it’s just too good to be true. if you want to see me baking it, check out my vlogtober.

what I want to do next week
I will have a little me time and treat day on Monday and I can’t wait to do a little shopping, cook myself a nice meal and just look after myself as the rest of the week will be very busy and filled with work, classwork and everything life-related.
 one word to describe the past week
more vlogtober

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