Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

Sunday Mood #77 + Vlogtober so Far

its just such a cosy sunday today. its grey outside and stormy too, i have candles burning and i'm snuggled up under a blanket. can it get any better? the older i got the more i enjoy the colder months. i find so much more comfort incoming home from a walk or a day outside in the cold just to get inside my cosy and warm house and have a bowl of soup. i also feel like the sunny and golden autumn days are just so much more beautiful as i actually get to enjoy the outside and not feel like i'm boiling hot. its just my season and i feel like by doing vlogtober this year i enjoy it way more and truly live in the moment and season. as i said before, this year feels just like it flying by. i can't believe we are one week into october and it will be christmas in no time. i better get planing with the christmas posts.

what i did
this past week was such a relief. i had so much on my plate all year and i feel like i'm just getting back into a more relaxing schedule and i really want to keep it up for the rest of year. otherwise i feel like its too much and i'm a big fan of looking after yourself and taking breaks. i did my private classes but also had enough time to see my mum and dad for a shopping trip as it was a long weekend here which means i was finally able to update my autumn wardrobe. since i was able to enjoy my days more, i got to see my friends this weekend and also keep my vlogtober up very well and i even went to the gym.

what i didn't do
i'm actually very happy with myself as i got done what i needed to do which is the best feeling to have.

what i ate
last sunday was my mums birthday and i made her a pumpkin spice loaf and it was so yummy and just so fitting for the season. i might to a recipe and loaf cakes are just what love most.

what i want to do next week
i have a few errands to run on monday and help my mum in the office as well as going to the gym and to my classes. i will also pop to a friend wo moved out recently and i got to see her new flat and since we were so super busy all year, i can't wait for a proper catch up.

one word to describe the past week

vlogtober so far



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