Sunday Mood #76

oh hello, October, it’s good to see you. I can only agree with very popular pinterest quote: I’m so happy to live in a world with Octobers. isn’t it just beautiful? peak autumn and looking outside my window, all the trees are changing colours, leafs are all over the streets, it’s a misty and crisp morning and I see people walking their dogs with big scarfs wrapped around them. it’s just beautiful and calm and a perfect autumn day. especially since it’s my mums birthday today. so I made a pumpkin spice loaf (recipe might follow), bought the cutest card and I’m ready to see and hug her today and spend a day with my family. We are planning to drive into the countryside and have coffee and cakes somewhere outside and I hope I can snap some pictures today. it would be perfect and I actually can’t wait for today. also, vlogtober starts today. so I will be vlogging daily, maybe not uploading daily but it will be so fun.

what I did
The past week was quite a busy one and it seriously flew by. these days I have no idea where my time goes. I feel like it’s gonna be Christmas tomorrow. I finished my big workloads as planned which makes me very, very happy. a friend of mine popped round for a surprise visit and kitten cuddles and we had the best catch up and it was just what I needed after starting Monday with a dentist appointment that made me feel high and my face numb but luckily there was no pain. After being very busy the entire week, my best friend and I had a short but lovely catch up which I was looking forward to all week.
what I didn’t do
I still didn’t manage to keep my workout routine up but I’m determined to be better next week. I also didn’t manage to film a proper sit-down video but with vlogtober coming up, I feel like you will be getting enough videos of me.
what I ate
well, sometimes my Mr. t is just the cutest human being ever. he went out to buy fifa 18 and came back with the guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 DVD and a box of Dunkin donuts…how cute can one person be? so we sat here in our cosy outfits, eating donuts and watching a movie…it was bliss.
what I want to do next week
After being so super busy I want to dedicate more time to myself and what I want to do. my mum and I want to do a little shopping spree, I want to continue working on my flat and have loads more time to create content for you and for the blog and channel and finally hit up the gym.

one word to describe the past week

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