Sunay Mood #79 + Vlogtober

as I’m typing this weeks post up I feel hungover, tired and have a full blown headache despite not drinking. why? is that a sign of age? is there any reason why you feel hungover sometimes even though you have just been out with friends without having even one glass of wine. hangovers are one of the many reasons I don’t really like to drink anymore. I hate wasting a day due to me feeling miserable, especially when it’s such a beautiful and sunny autumnal Sunday. so I might get some ibuprofen out after breakfast and see my horse and I feel a bit better afterwards, I might pop round to a friend later. lets not completely waste this day…I might also take a bath because I feel like baths cure everything.

what I did
I’m literally in shock because the weeks feel like they are flying by and I blink once and its Sunday again. it was a busy week but a good one. I had a trial shift for a job I applied to and ended up not joining the team as everything felt pretty weird and unprofessional and luckily I didn’t because a day later I got a call from a place I really wanted to work for and after what felt like a few minutes of a chat, they hired me straight away. so girl has got a new job for some extra money and I’m very happy. I also went out both Friday and Saturday which is a lot for a grandma like me and probably why I feel so bad today.
what I didn’t do
so I actually had the plan to go to the gym but for some reason, something else always came up and it makes me pretty sad. I will go next week. promise.
what I ate
this technically isn’t something I ate. so I told you I made pumpkin spice bread quite a few times now and I wanted to make one yesterday and turn it completely gluten free…something went wrong and it lost all its moisture and was awful. still, have no idea why.
what I want to do next week
so next week is the weekend before Halloween and despite being pretty excited for Halloween the past years I feel really out of it this year and I have two parties to go to…might go to none. I have no idea. other than that it will be a regular week with class and I hope something exciting comes up too.

one word to describe the past week

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