Not The Best Friend // Dating Column Chapter Seven

So remember the tall guy? Well, guess what? He’s back! But this lesson is not around him, it’s about his best friend. Sounds great right? It’s a wonderfully weird and pretty awkward story so buckle up and get ready.

As I mentioned when I talked about the tall, he was a great guy and I’m pretty sure he still is. For some reason, we were chatting on and off and usually I’m not really talking about those things or bragging with boys around my friends but a few of my friends got interested when I liked a picture of him on facebook. It was him and his best friend, dressed all black with water guns in their hands. It was part of certain rituals that are a thing if you graduate in Germany. Both of them looked pretty fine and two of my friends asked me about them. One of my friends always had a bit of a hard time finding the right guy and since she is a pretty tall lady she wanted a guy taller than her even if she wore heels. Because sharing is caring I thought it would be a great idea to introduce her. One random night the tall texted me. He and his friend were in my area waiting for the train so we decided to meet up. Whilst he wasn’t interested at all in my friend, his best friend was. But he was interested in me. He was a good looking dude but I wasn’t up for it from the second one. First off all, the tall was more my type and going for the best friend is never a good idea. We met up once and it was alright as he truly was a nice guy but I tried to get out of the situation as best I could (by not really answering texts…what a move Elena).

It was summer and since I was still working at the juice place and I and my best friend had planned to enjoy the warm summer night with a glass of wine in a nearby bar and have a proper girls chat and catch up and I was looking forward to it all day. We cleaned the shop with music blasting and our coworker let us leave a bit earlier and we left the centre just to bump into a group of friends. Nothing unusual on a Saturday night and we chatted just for a while. As we were about to leave, hugging everyone goodbye, I heard my coworker “Elena, someone is asking for you”, I turned around and the talls best friend who was just as tall smiled at me and hugged me from behind. I was frozen and my face probably turned bright red so I’m still thankful for it being dark. I never wanted to be pushed into a date and he just showed up. He wanted to surprise me, how very sweet…not really.

basically didn’t give me a chance to get out of the date I never wanted and as
I tried to explain the wine and best friend situation and he just didn’t
listen. So we sat in a bar, the three of us and it was horrible. How are you
supposed to have a good chat and a nice summer’s night when a guy just crashes
it out of nowhere? I basically wanted to cry into my wine and my best friend
and I decided we would just end this nightmare of a night and basically told
him that it was time for us to get home. So when I wanted to walk over to my
bus stop I tried to say goodbye to him as I thought he had to take the train.
He didn’t want to leave and basically tried to make me join him and I was the
most uncomfortable I ever was. I just wanted to get home, delete his number and
forget the evening.

however, did not want to let go of me and tried holding my hand, hugging me and
as the warm summer wind blew my hair into my face he tried to push away my hair
to kiss me. I was never more thankful for my bus to show up and I sprinted in
as quick as my little legs could, sending a little prayer that he wouldn’t
follow me. His look was confused and pissed at the same time and I never saw
him again. Luckily. Why would you pressure someone into a date? Especially
since your best friend saw me before? 


Location: Heilandskirche, Sacrow, Brandenburg, Germany
Outfit: Jumper: Zara // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: Primark // Sunglasses: River Island

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