Lush Halloween Part 2

it seems like you have been really enjoying my last lush haul so I’m back with a new one y’all. as I said, my local lush did not have all the stock, especially the bubble bars which I really wanted. so last Friday the postman dropped a lush box at my flat and I was so excited. lush just means pamper for me. it is knowing that I have a beautifully scented product to make my bath even more exciting after a long week. especially in the colder months, I like celebrating my baths even more and lush makes that just so much better.
a classic Halloween lush product I just had to get is the sparkly pumpkin. it’s just so pretty for some reason. it may contain grapefruit and lime but it still has a lovely spicy and autumnal scent to it which is something they have done very nicely with their Halloween range and it also has glitter. makes a mess in the bath but I still love it. because the sparkly pumpkin wasn’t enough, they also made the pink pumpkin. how amazing and I hope it will turn my bathwater into the most beautiful shade of pink. the scent of this one is absolutely amazing. it contains bergamot and jasmine and smells floral but also perfect for autumn as bergamot seems to add some deeper tones to the scent. I just love it and can’t wait to use it. the third one I got twice because it looked just too cute to be true. its the bewitched bubble bar which turns your bathwater black…what? I was so amazed by dark arts that I had to get this one for sure. it has some sort of berry scent but again deeper notes to fit the season. it contains fruit oils to soften the skin and I’m sure I’ll use this one first.
here we are. the second lush Halloween haul and I hope you enjoyed this one too. have you tried any of the bubble bars I got?

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