A Halloween Pamper

Happy Halloween my loves. if you got to get spooky yourself and managed to dance the night away, I hope you have recovered. this year, I wasn’t feeling the Halloween party weekend and since Halloween is right in the middle of the week and for most people its a normal working day, I decided to to a little Halloween pamper routine so you can unwind after work or if you are German like me and you are enjoying your public holiday, you might get even cosier. a little pamper in the evening can help you to relax and leave your work behind and as soon as its getting colder I feel like pamper evenings are just a must to really ’tis the cosy season. 
1. Light a candle and use fairy lights. I just like the dim light, the flickering of a beautifully scented candle like my pumpkin pecan waffle candle from bath and body works and little flecks of light from a set of string fairy lights. it’s just a must for this season and the months to come.
2. Take a bath. a bath filled with bubbles to soak in for a while watching your favourite show truly the what makes a pamper perfect. obviously one of the lush Halloween bath products is a must. bewitched is my choice.
3. bake and enjoy. nothing calms me more than baking. its just so relaxing and you get to have a treat after. what about some pumpkin muffins with a cheesecake centre? Pinterest just has loads.
4. if you don’t want to bake, have some Halloween candy and chocolate that you have just in case trick or treaters come round. I went for mini mars bars this year to feed the kids in the neighbourhood or my boyfriend.
5.  a cup of tea and warm socks. do I have to say more? I’m obsessed with my Halloween perfect tk maxx mug. 
6. paint your nails. I love a little pedicure especially since I love getting out the darker shades. bold beauty, starry, starry night and getting groovy by Essie.
7. read a magazine or a book of choice. couch magazine is my fave at the moment. its the perfect mix of beauty, lifestyle and interior.
so here we are. a little pamper guide to make your Halloween night relaxing and I hope you have a good one.

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