Sunday Mood #75

Happy Sunday and happy autumn. now that it’s officially autumn I feel like I can come through with all the autumn content and go full steam ahead into the best months of the year. I have so many things planned and can’t wait for all the content to come and I hope you are excited too. to me, there’s just way more to blog about as soon as we hit the colder season and I basically find myself sparking inspiration and motivation. maybe it’s because I have never been a summer girl and seeing all the trees changing colours when I look out of my window just makes me so warm. there’s nothing better than a good coat, a pair of boots and a crisp day especially when you can come home into a warm flat, cuddle your cats and boyfriend and have endless amounts of hot chocolate and baths. I’m basically checking the lush website on a daily to see if the Halloween stock is already up because lush Germany is a bit behind. as soon as it’s available I will get it and blog about it, of course.
what I did
The past weeks have been mainly spent catching up with work when it comes to uni and I hope I can slow down as soon as we roll into October which would be great as I plan to do vlogtober this year. I really want to give youtube a proper go and make the most of it, starting in October. uni has been a success this week. it was finally confirmed that I completed my advanced studies in public international law and European law and I’m so happy. my dad surprised me by buying me a bike as a present and because he got a bomb promotion which the entire family celebrated at dinner on Friday. 
what I didn’t do
I still have a bit of a hard time getting back into my workout routine and I hope I can do more about it as soon as work slows down. I want to get back into working out multiple times a day.
what I ate
the one treat food I had this week was some good pancakes. the proper fluffy ones with Nutella and it was heaven on my plate, especially because i feel like i really mastered the art of pancakes.
what I want to do next week
I want to complete most of my work and truly get into autumn by hopefully snapping some outfit pictures for the blog. it also seems like quite a few dates with my girls are on the cards which always excites me. I also have boring adult things to do like going to the dentist and looking at new furniture for the flat.

one word to describe the past week

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