Sunday Mood #74

happy Sunday my loves. I usually have this post scheduled and well as all my posts for the upcoming week. This Sunday I’m sitting here in the morning and typing up this post like a maniac because I was so busy and poorly and I just didn’t manage to take pictures and I was all a mess. so sometimes you are so on top of your game and some weeks you are just flopping around. I try to be better next week with everything especially since I really, really want to do more with my youtube channel as I love it so much and I have so many ideas and plans and sometimes I feel like as soon as you make plans, something happens and you can’t work on them but hey ho, another week is about to start.

what I did
so, me and my Mr. t were both very, very poorly. Everyone seems to be having a cold lately so we just spent most of our days snuggled up on the sofa with chicken noodle soup and tea. I had my laptop by my side to get work done but when I felt my worst on Wednesday I actually fell asleep over my laptop. Despite being very poorly, I got my hair cut finally and it was so needed. my hair feels so soft and looks great again. I also went to IKEA with my friends to buy some items to kick off the home renovations. I can’t wait to get some work done and improve our flat.
what I didn’t do
I didn’t do any work on my youtube channel which is understandable when you feel like crap and basically nap all day long. 
what I ate
I really do lose my appetite whenever I’m poorly and basically, don’t want to eat at all. so I tried to have loads of water and fruit to make me feel better and I had loads of soup. so nothing interesting really.
what I want to do next week
I want to be most productive next week. I have so much work to keep up with and I just want to get it done. I also want to finish few little jobs around the flat and just go back to my busy self because I’m done with feeling poorly. 
one word to describe the past week

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