Autumnal Makeup I’m Excited About

if you are holding on to the last days of summer with your dear life you might wanna click out right now. I’m ready for autumn and winter and most of you might now that because I’m going on about it all the time which is the exact reason why I decided to do this post and also dive into the darker tones of autumn and the fairy lights which I find very very lovely for the upcoming season so if you are just ready for the colder months, then lets talk about all the autumnal makeup that is about to be on my face as soon as it fee autumnal in September. I hope it gets colder quickly.
the colder the days, the darker the lips
let’s talk about lipsticks first because who doesn’t love a dark lipstick and because in the summer it’s just a bit too warm for real heavy makeup and dark lips. my favourite liquid lipsticks are Jeffree star velour liquid lipsticks. they are just the best. the formula is light but so pigmented and they are the most comfortable to wear. two shades are very similar and both are my all time dark lip favourites. unicorn blood is the perfect deep and dark blood red that isn’t too berry toned because I feel like lipsticks with a purple undertone don’t really go well with me. designer blood is basically the same but with gold glittery reflects. it’s unreal and looks perfect without being shimmery. I also go for more blush when autumn hits because again, it’s not sliding down my face. the max factor blushes are some of my drugstore faves. the shades seductive pink and gorgeous berries are my fave because they also go so well with dark lips. basically, as soon as its cold I do more makeup because it sits better and I also use darker eyeshadows and experiment more with colours. the by terry ombré blackstars in misty rock is perfect for transitioning and for the colder seasons too. I also like to go for heavier and darker perfumes as soon as the air gets more crisp and cold. one of my all time favourite scents ever is tom ford black orchid. its so sexy and deep and people always compliment me on it. I can’t wait to use it more again.
so here we are, technically my first autumnal post of this year and I’m ready for more. I hope you are too and if you have any requests, leave them down below.

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