A little Lush Haul

it was a beautifully sunny and autumnal morning, a Monday and I was feeling productive. I thought it would be a great idea to take my laptop to Starbucks, get a psl and get work done. as soon as I walked up to my Starbucks I was confused for a second as it looked weirdly dark. it turned out they closed it and I was really disappointed. so since I was there and my productivity plans got cancelled, I decided to pop into lush before heading back home to get some work done and I had to pick up a few items. two of my favourites and a product I haven’t tried before and I figured it would be only right to share them with you in this post.
let’s take a bath
one of my all-time favourite lush bath bombs has to be intergalactic. it just makes such a beautiful bath and relaxes me to the max every time I use it. it is like bathing in the night sky with the stunning blue and glittery bath colour it creates. look wise it’s my favourite and its also not a typical sickly lush scent. it contains peppermint oil as well as vetiver and cedar wood. it’s a very calm and manly smell which is why Mr. T is a big fan too. one new bath bomb that looks very similar as its the same space theme is the new rocket science bath bomb. its the same colour palette as its bright blue too and is supposed to have yellow and pink in it as well and it’s slightly shimmery. it contains lemon oil and smells very fresh and is again something to go for if strong lush scents aren’t really your cup of tea. my favourite bubble bar has to be a french kiss. it’s the most calming and relaxing lavender scent and it is the best to use if you need a good night of sleep or need to relax after a long week of being a girl boss. its perfection and even turns the bath water into a beautiful pale lilac colour.
so here we are. a very little and very spontaneous lush haul. I can’t wait to take a bath now and I also can’t wait to get some Halloween bits but they are only launching in October here so bear with me.

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