Why you don’t need to wear flattering Clothes

isn’t it weird that we have the feeling that others can tell us how to dress and what suits us or what is on trend and what not? i could possibly go on about this for days and despite loving everything fashion and clothing i still have a huge problem with the concept of someone else telling me how do dress my body. there’s such a huge discussion online on what girls should wear and what people think is “appropriate” or “flattering”. time is spend thinking about clothes that are exclusive to males or females and sometimes that just weirds me out. obviously the way you dress can come from something much deeper as plain fashion, trends or your personal style. it can be deeply rooted in culture and family traditions and i will never question that and its not going to be the topic of today’s post or in fact any post. today we are talking about dressing in a flattering way or how i like to call it: don’t give a flying f*ck about it.

what is flattering?


– enhancing someone’s appearance-
flattering essentially means enhancing something about your very individual body or hiding something that shouldn’t be there. so if you have a flatter chest something that would be called flattering for you would be a top that would make your boobs look bigger. or if you have wide hips like me, it would be something that would make them appear smaller…but guess what? there are still there because they are bones and I can’t make them smaller. they are what they are. 
when i was younger i really struggles with my body image and weight. i dealt with an eating disorder and had a very bad relationship with my body. i constantly felt like my body, my perfectly fine body wasn’t good enough, like the fashion and clothes i so loved weren’t made for me and like i couldn’t wear them. clothes should be fun and it should bring you joy but what if you are close to crying in the changing room in Zara because you feel so bad about yourself? 

maybe my new found love for fashion and not caring if what i wear is flattering for me comes from me changing my eating habits, shaping my body and gaining confidence back but buying clothes that way is just so much better for my general well-being and that was it should be about you. about your body and what you like, so yes, if you like to wear something that hides something that you don’t want to be shown than go ahead and wear something you feel good about. because that i what dressing yourself is truly about. you should feel good about yourself, ready for your working day ahead, ready to get a glass of wine and a good catch up or the date you have been looing forward to for a few days that is what clothing should do for you. you shouldn’t feel like you can’t wear things because your hips are to wide or your boobs are too small. guess what? you are probably perfectly fine as you are and there are things you can change if you want. i changed my body and i will keep on shaping it and you can do the same but you should never feel like you have to.
when i went to London i was browsing Topshop and i came across this beautiful, very statement top. its huge, its cute, it has a collar and it has ruffles. basically not flattering at all for a girl with boobs and hips and when i tried it on i was so close to leaving it as the words “not flattering” ket sparking up in my brain but on the other hand i loved everything about it and i bought it because i love i and because of that i bought it and i wear it. i don’t care if it makes me look bigger because i feel great in it. that’s what fashion is about. no one can tell me what to wear except me. i think there should be a change in the industry, one of the many changes that should be made to not tell any men or women what kind of fabric thy should put on their body. clothes don’t need to be flattering, they nee to dress you in the way that brings joy to you.

location: Tulum Tulum, Noordwijk, Netherlands
outfit: shirt: cici london // jeans: topshop // sunglasses: primark // shoes: h&m

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