Dienstag, 15. August 2017

The Healthy Life #2

location: Noordwijk beach, the Netherlands
outfit: swimsuit: Primark

is there anything better than a beach day? salty hair, sandy feet and a million freckles on sunkissed skin. this year was the first year in forever, basically as long as I can remember where I was looking forward to summer. I'm not a summer girl and I probably never will but I used to dread summer even more. the thought of having to wear shorts or dresses that show off my arms or legs would make me feel anxious, despite loving the water and swimming I would do a lot to not go swimming with friends and show off the body I wasn't happy with. that all has changed. to be fair, I'm not 100% there yet but I know I'm on the best way I could be and I know that next summer there won't be any fear just confidence. I can't quite believe myself that I was beyond excited to wear my new swimsuit from Primark and show it off at the beach. my confidence boosted due to my weight loss. if you didn't know, I decided to change my eating habits, workout routine and general lifestyle in order to shape my body, boost my confidence and finally be happy with myself.

nothing really has changed eating wise. I don't really eat carbs, processed foods and sugar and it's still easy. I used to have pasta almost every single day and now I haven't had it for almost 4 weeks and I don't crave it at all. I don't remember the last time I had a chocolate bar and I don't feel like having one. I'm not a big fan of restricting myself from certain foods which is why I allow myself a cheat day but there wasn't one in a while as I don't feel like it. I really didn't think I would feel this good. I feel so awake and happy and powerful every day. I sleep better, my skin is radiant and my overall well-being is just plain better. there's nothing else I can say. to me, eating is very personal and it should be what you want and what you feel comfortable with but feeding my body with good and whole foods made such a difference for me and my lifestyle. 

healthy life = better life

I don't weigh myself and I don't own a scale because I feel like weight can trigger and since I struggled with an eating disorder but I lost about 15 cm at my hips and I'm now about two sizes smaller. I had to buy new jeans and lots of my shirts aren't tight anymore. my winter coat looks like it's eating me up so it's safe to say I need a new one. my whole lifestyle change was meant to be for weight loss but now it's part of me and I feel so good about it. it feels so good to share pictures of me at the beach and not feel bad about it. my healthy life and journey is not over and I will surely update you on a regular.



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