Sunday Mood #71

oh, happy Sunday my loves. how are we so close to September already? you might know that I’m just so ready for autumn and actually the thought of September and by far the best months of the year approaching makes me really, really happy but once again, where does time go? how did 2017 go by so quickly? I might start thinking about my 2017 roundup and favourites already. my bath & bodyworks autumn candles are on their way, I plan to do vlogtober and just ’tis all the seasons that are about to come up. I also can’t wait to vlogmas as Mr. t and I will renovate our flat and there’s so much to do and it’s gonna be so much fun and I can’t wait for out flat to be even more perfect. I hope you want to take part in the journey, especially since I just discovered “omg, we bought a house” by Mr. Kate and I’m hooked.

what I did
so last week was the week I really had to get back into my routine and man, I wasn’t ready. I had two true desk days, catching up on everything, doing phone calls with my landlord and other weird adulting things that I’d rather not do. I also had to get back to my private classes and it was tough going from a relaxed holiday to 4-hour law classes but hey ho, I want to make money one day so I’m gonna do, what I have to do. the week end was reserved for blogging work and working on videos as well as spending time with Mr. t and clubbing…say what? new me, who dis. I haven’t been to a club in years and dancing with the girl is just so much fun.

what I didn’t do
I actually really wanted to get back into my workout routine but guess what? it didn’t happen and I actually really miss going to the gym so please remind me to go next week.
what I ate
so as you know, I eat very healthily and I usually don’t have pasta anymore despite it being my favourite food ever but Mr. t is currently having a bit of a poopy time due to a sickness in the family and he asked me to make him spaghetti bolognese as a comfort food and I couldn’t say no and I obviously had some too and it was so good.
what I want to do next week
its gonna be a usual week with classes and studying and obviously working on the blog. I really want to go to ikea to pick up some items for our bedroom and bathroom and so many of my friends want to come to as many of them just moved or moved out and I can’t wait. going to Ikea and doing home stuff obviously means vlogging for you.
one word to describe the past week

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