Sunday Mood #70

another week is done and on this very chilly Sunday I’m cuddled up on the sofa, waiting for my soup to heat up. I’m not on holiday anymore and my normal life will catch up with my by Monday and I’m looking forward to it especially since I’m not even more ready for autumn. It’s rainy outside and I ordered some bath & bodyworks candles to tis the season that’s coming up and I’m so ready. I want to get beautiful autumn content and I also want to do vlogtober to just have you there with me. also, my boyfriend and I have great plans to update the flat now that he has a great job and we have more money to spend on our place and instead of moving somewhere bigger, we decided to perfect our space and we are also getting a new kitten. a little ginger baby girl and I can’t wait for you to meet her but for now, let’s talk about the past week.
what I did
it was our last week on holiday and to end it well, we went to the Hague once again and it’s just such a beautiful town. we also had one very last dinner at the beach club. instead of just driving straight back to Berlin from the Netherlands, we decided to stop at my grandma’s hometown where loads of my family still lives. I haven’t been there for 15 years and it was so lovely to see everyone again. by the time we actually started our journey home,  I did really miss my boyfriend and I was so happy to be back home with him. the weekend was spent just being, going out together and planning out what we need for the flat and kitten.
what I didn’t do
since I was with my family most of the time I didn’t do much blogging and I really missed it but I scheduled some posts in advance but there was no filming or typing involved and I can’t wait to properly do it again.
what I ate
one member of my family owns a pub style place and she obviously invited us to eat at her place and oh my, it was so good. it tasted just like the food my grandma does and I loved it.
what I want to do next week
besides having to start my normal life again, I want to start the renovating process and I want to make time to see some friends and hit the gym. I also have to go back to my private classes so there’s plenty to do and we maaaaybe gonna pick up our little baby kitten on Friday.

one word to describe the past week

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