Sunday Mood #69

if you haven’t been to a lavender field so far, are you even a real blogger? well, where I live there are actually none and I don’t really know why but on one of my many bike rides around the Netherlands right now (at least 10k every day) i found one and I had to take pictures. it was beautiful and i was surrounded by bees and bumble bees and the scent was just so relaxing and I could have stayed forever. so am I know a real blogger? considering the amount of content I’m getting out of this trip i probably am. my mum is such a good blogger mum and I can’t wait to share everything with you. especially since I’ve decided to add a column to my blog. it will be about dating, about my experiences and thoughts and the fun and tears I’ve been through and i can’t wait. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

what I did
you might know that i’m on holiday in the Netherlands and it’s beautiful. I’m right by the beach in Noordwijk. I have been truly living the beach club life since the weather has been brilliant. I could totally get used to sitting in a beach club and watching the sun set every day. besides doing all that i have been biking around like a crazy person and it’s so good. we also explored Amsterdam since it has been a few years since I’ve been and boy, it’s packed! I have no idea what happened there but i don’t remember it like this at all and it kinda makes me sad. so I enjoyed exploring other cities even more. I went to Leiden and The Hague and man, The Hague is unreal. it’s so super beautiful and there’s so much to do. also, i have been so loving m blog and I’m coming up with millions of ideas. you better get ready. 

what I didn’t do
doing one single thing I didn’t want to do. that is what holidays are about and i’m loving it. I usually get so caught up with work and uni and life that i really don’t have time to breathe so i’m enjoying just doing what i want to do.

what I ate
I’ve become such a breakfast person and i’m loving it. so since I’m truly living the beach club life my sister and i went for breakfast at branding beach club and it was so good. pancakes, fresh juices and yoghurt with fruit. it was so yummy and I will blog about it.
what I want to do next week
we are leaving our little house by the beach on Tuesday morning to head back but we decided to visit my family who lives close to Cologne and we don’t really get so see them that often so it will be fun and then i’m heading back home. i actually miss my boyfriend and cat. what i don’t miss is my routine at home but oh well. lets work hard guys.
one word to describe the past week

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