Sunday Mood #68

so when you’re reading this i’m already on my family holiday in the netherlands, close to amsterdam and let me tell you, i’m in need of a holiday big time. this last term was just so stressful and i can’t wait to explore amsterdam, the hague and also antwerp and i will hopefull get loads of pictures so i can have posts ready for weeks on end. i might not have an instagram husband but a mum who loves taking pictures of me. i mean i make her do it but i think shes fine with that too. as i said before, the week before going on holiday is always crazy and as i’m typing this up i haven’t even packed yet…and i still have two videos to edit so thats that. i probably will pack a few hours before leaving.

what i did
so theres always a bit of a conflict when my boyfriend is off work and basically gets up to fun things every day and then theres me, i still had one exam to do but i managed to study still and enjoy a few nights out. we went out with my boyfriends friends, i had a very lovely night with my friends and a wanted to go to the spa too. it sadly was closed so we opted for some wine instead. the exam went very well and i’m so happy to be done now. i also had a job interview for an absolute dream job and they offered me to do a trial day and i can’t wait. 
what i didn’t do
despite eating super healthy i can’t really get back into my workout routine and would love to get back to it from now on. i just love working out and need to make more time for it.
what i ate
as i said, i’m eating as healthy as i can so i have been making loads of salads and soups. i basically love adding lentils to anything i eat and since its summer all of the fresh fruit are in season and i can’t stop eating them.
what i want to do next week
obviously enjoy my holiday to the fullest. amsterdam is such a photogenic place and so is antwerp. i would love to to some sort of travel wrap up posts about it and might do some shopping. when i went to amsterdam last it was such an amazing place to go thrifting and i found such cool pieces.

one word to describe the past week

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