Self-Care Lessons I learned so far

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i feel like self-care has really been a topic lately and it really got in the focus of many people and i love it, as much as life comes with caring about others, it also comes with the need to care for yourself. technically, if you wouldn’t take care of yourself at all, you would probably die. self-care can be feeding your body, curing it when you’re sick but also simply breathing but thats not the kind of self-care i want to talk about today. its taking care of your mental health, stepping back when its needed, listening to yourself and focusing on yourself instead of everything around you and to be honest, self-care is hard for me and i really had to learn it. maybe its because i always was very hard on myself or because i just really hae the urge to put loved ones before me and basically all their needs before mine. i would say i only truly learned how to take care of myself within the past few years when my body just made me go on in a slower pace and take some time out to myself and in todays post i want to share those lessons with you.

 1. its okay to take a day off
i usually have multiple things to and to be fair i like to be busy and i always make myself busy which means weeks filled with uni deadlines, work things, dates with friends and my boyfriend and other appoinments go by and theres not a day just for me. i used to feel so bad about just having a lazy day to myself that even after the worst hangovers i would cure on sundays i would take my very dead looking and feeling self out for a walk because i couldn’t allow myself to just stay home and relax. nowadays i need my me days. i need them to get inspired and ready for everything new coming up and to just take care of myself. it can be a day of shopping, being with my family or just staying at home on my sofa and its okay. its okay to take a day off just to yourself.

2. you should say no sometimes
i’m a people pleaser, i always have been and i want to make sure everyone else is happy before i think about my own happiness and that leads to the fact that i can actually be manipulated very very easily and even if i wasn’t comfortable with a situation i probably said yes anyway and went above myself to make someone else feel good and well taken care of. i still have to work on actually saying no and its still hard for me to do but i have to do it in order to take care of myself and to please myself. its okay to say no if you don’t feel comfortable or if you just don’t want to do something. in fact, you should say no sometimes.

3. cut out toxic friends
i was never one to have a million and one friends and kept a few people close. as i’m a people pleaser i tolerated a lot with friendships especially with a certain group of friends and loads of hate, stress and tears with one person who also talked very badly about me, people i loved and my blog all behind my back and it took me a while to realize how bad that toxic friendship was for me and that it was about time to free myself and it was so good. all the tension left me and i found myself very happy in the friendships that gave me so much and enabled me to give back too. its never easy to let go of a person you shared great memories with and that once stood beside you but it will be worth it and its okay.
4. listen to yourself
no one out there knows you as well as you know yourself. only you can decide when you need to step back and get into a better place and no one can help you better than yourself, at least i do believe that and sometimes you should just do what you feel like doing and listen to yourself. do you feel good about the job you applied to? do you want to grab a drink with friends or stay home and watch netflix? are you comfortable with the situation you’re in? do you need a break? i feel like we surround ourselves by so much opinions that we forget what we truly want. listen to yourself and be selfish sometimes. sometimes its needed and you will feel better for sure.

self-care should be practiced and i love that its a topic but i know that it is work. its worth it but some self-care lessons are harder than others. i truly had to learn to take care of myself but it made me feel so much better and self-care makes me be more productive and eady to tackle whatever comes my way. what about you? do you like caring for yourself? what have you learned so far? please let me know.


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