Donnerstag, 3. August 2017

Almost 48 Hours in London

so if you follow me on social media or if you are a loyal reader of this very blog you might know that i went to london with my sister. i booked this trip back in january and my mum decided to turn it into a birthday surprise for my sister since she hasn't been to london in ages and she really wanted to go. we had a brilliant time to say the least. it was filled with laughter and shopping and completely screwing over my right foot. i actually wanted to vlog but that didn't really work out so i decided to wrap up a little post all about it to share my trip with you all.

where we stayed
we only stayed for one night but it was a very very nice place. its the dorsett hotel in sheperds bush which i only booked because there was a massive offer on the bookings. its located right by westfield which makes it very central and we were only a few tube stops away from oxford street. the room itself was beautiful. massie king size bed and a full marble bathroom. it might seem pointless to book a nie hotel when only staying for a night but sleeping in a huge nd comfy bed and taking a steamig hot shower is just the right thing after a day of exploring and walking through london.

what we did
obviously we had to shop all down oxford street but besides that we really took our time to explore by taking a walk around nottinghill and obviously seeing all the typical tourist spots. whenever i'm in london i like to go for an afternoon tea. its just too good to miss. we went for barbecoa and it honestly was amazing. best scones i ever had in my life. one thing i also always do is wander throug hyde park and get a santander bike to ride around. its so much fun and we just had to visit peggy porschen. probably the most photogenic place i have ever visited in my life. the cakes are also amazing too and it was just beautiful. it was also so sunny and warm. a nice break from the crappy weather we had in germany. i always wish i could stay longer and one day i will. i feel so happy and at peace in london.

what i wore
outfit one: shirt: zara // jeans: primark // shoes: i don't remember // bag: zara
outfit two: shirt: cici london via topshop // jeans: topshop // shoes: primark

so here we have brief overview of my london trip. i have no idea if i'm good at writing up travel posts but i gave it a go anyway. i hope i can do more of them soon and maybe get better at doing them. if you have any tips or requests please let me know.



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