Sunflower Fields & How to open up

Top: Zara // Jeans: Primark // Shoes: H&M // Bag: TKMaxx
Song: Lana Del Rey – Cherry

Location: Biesenthal, Brandenburg, Germany

before we start talking about the topic of todays post i’d like to point out the beauty of the location. lately we have been taking a fair few trips to the surrounding countryside and we have come across so many beautiful locations which i wish i could stop by all but since we took weird turns, did joyrides and just drove, i’m very certain that i would never find most of the spots again. when i saw this sunflower field i had to go there and when we drove by first it was perfectly sunny but we weren’t able to stop. on the way back however it was pouring with rain but we got out of the car anyway and i was standing in the middle of te road in heavy rain but the pictures turned out perfectly.
now back to the topic. i’m probably a typicl aries. very proud, very strong mind but very fragile at the same time. instead of opening up about thoughts and feelings i let them brew and steam inside until my mind gets all foggy and i eventuelly crack. my mind is basically always running and i like dealing with everything i have on my plate by myself. i’m very aware that this might not be the best way to deal with personal issues but i always feel like talking about it makes it real and it makes me haing to face the problem in a whole new way.
don’t let the pressure get to you
if you are like me when it comes to opening up i would say being able to open up is the end goal but its no as easy to get there. if you feel like you have to clear the fog in your brain and process your thoughts and feelings in order to put them into words and a conversation.  sometimes it takes me days and thts okay. no one should pressure you to open up when its hard for you. i can only open up in a safe connersation with someone i trust and even then its hard for me. i recently had something going on in my personal life and it had to get to a real boil before i was able to let my best friend in on it. i’m not gonna say it was easy because if you are like me you know it isn’t but when i actually open up, i feel better. the fog in my brain might not be gone but i feel a lot better.

i don’t really have a proper answer on how to open up about whats really going on but i know that baby steps will take me there. i have no idea if i will ever be good at opening up but what i do know is that i feel better if i open up, its just hard and sometimes i rather keep things to myself. what about you?


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