Sunday Mood #66

hello my loves and happy sunday. you might have noticed that there was no sunday mood last week that was because i decided to fly out to london with my sister despite being super busy with uni and exams. so i was ready to post but i had a million other things to do so i’m very much sorry and i hope you’ll understand. because of all the stress of my last uni term i feel like my blog and channel have been all over the place. i was really confident with my schedule and  i have to say i stuck with it very well so to not stick with it was harder than i expected especially since this is all fun and games basically. so i might have to work on that too. just taking it a bit easier.

what i did
so on monday i was still strolling through london with my sister, biking through hyde park and having cup cakes at peggy porschen. it ws just beautiful. since i kinda flew out i the middle of exam period, which is stupid, i had to go straight for my last ever uni lecture on tuesday and i basically have been studying every day since then and i don’t really want to do it but i also want to pass my exam. besides that i went to my uni pals birthday on friday and went out for a family trip on saturday. the past years we decided to move away from material gifts for christmas so we just go for a day trip, have lunch together and its just so lovely to do and means so much more to me.
what i didn’t do
since i have been glued to my desk i just got one workout in. this kinda bugs me because i love my workouts but i will get a proper routine back once my exams are over and i actuall can’t wait. i actually miss the gym which is crazy but amazing.
what i ate
this might be cheating since it wasn’t this week but i have to point out the perfec afternoon tea i had at barbecoa in london. i love jamie oliver which is why i picked this spot but it was so amazing. best scones i ever had and all the sweet treats were just heavenly. you have to go there.
what i want to do next week
its my boyfriends birthday week which will be exciting and beautiful but its also my exam week. could be better but i think it will be great anyway and i actually can’t wait for it to be over. i hope i’ll have my blog back into gear and i can’t wait for amsterdam content which will come your way soon.
one word to describe the past week

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