Sunday Mood #65

oh my, i usually don’t say this but i’m so happy that this week is over. it has been a long and busy one but its sunday now and its all over. i feel like so many great things are coming up and whenever i’m super busy, its so hard for me to keep a routine up which really stresses me out. i feel so much more myself when i have my set routine with my blogging and workout days as that makes me so much more focused on my work and uni days and the last week everything has been all over the place and i now can’t wait to get my routine going again and obviously get my blog schedule into place again. i had a mid week post up which you guys seemed to love to that makes me really happy.
what i did
i had to present my last final assignment in front of my prof and a bunch of students and that big and really scary event on thursday took up my entire week. i was basically glued to my desk or sitting on my living room floor with papers and books all around me, trying to finish my presentation, get a handout ready and prepare for the questions and discussion. luckily, it all went perfectly fine. everyone was so lovely and i actually had a great time listening to all the other presentations. i also had lots of fun driving my brand new mercedes all week. its not technically brand new but new to me and its a car for my family and i love it. being done with this presentation just makes me feel so much better and i’m so happy now.
what i didn’t do
because my whole week was just about my presentation i only managed to get a mid week post up. there was no video sadly but thats fine. i will make up for it for sure. i also didn’t manage to go to the gym which makes me quite sad.
what i ate
i had a cupcake as a treat for smashing my presentation and it was so yummy. i also prepped all my meals for the presentation days at uni and made the best whole grain pasta salad with spinach, mozarella and pesto. it was so yummy.
what i want to do next week
next week, i want to get back into my routine for sure. nomal blogging schedule,vlogging, filming and gym. i actually can’t wait. i also have to start preparing for my final exam and that will be a lot but i have loads of time to do it and then its finally summer for me.
one word to describe the past week

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