Lush Oxford Street Haul

you probably know that i’m the biggest lush lover. i just adore their products, especially their bath bombs and i always like to have a few in the house just because theres nothing better than a good long soak that makes you feel so relaxed. usually i take my long baths on sundays or when i need a mid week pamper. my sister and i just have been to london and we just had to go to lush oxford street (a post all about london will come soon). so i picked up a fair few bath bombs and went for the ones i haven’t seen before. just because this post would be way too long if i went into detail about every products i will keep it short and sweet for now. i hope that is okay for you but otherwise this post would end up being ages long and i think that won’t be what you enjoy. so here we are, my lush oxford street haul.

bath melts
i love bath melts. they might not be the most exciting ones but they keep my skin so silky soft and its a true pamper. at lust oxford street i saw such cute little bath melt balls which i haven’t seen before. they look so soooo cute and picked up a few. i got the sun, monsieur gustave and furze. all of them are very much laid back in scent but all look so exciting and pretty. they might be perfect if you want baby soft skin but you don’t adore the typical lush scents which can be a lot.
bath bombs & bubbles
as much as i love bath bombs because they just make bath time so much more exciting and colourful, i have also been really into bubble bars as i find tons of bubbles almost more exciting. as for bubble bars i got the little dragon and the rose jam bubbleroon. as for bath bombs i got cheer up buttercup, ylang song, yellow submarine, metamorphosis and golden slumbers.
have you used any of these before? what do you think? also, if you would love to see a full review on any of them, please let me know.

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