What to gift from Lush

everyone whos been on this little blog before might know that i’m a huge lush lover. its just one of my all time favourite shops ever and its mainly because soaking in a bubble filled bath for ages is one of the most relaxing things i could ever imagine. something i actually prefer to buying myself endless bath supplies is buying them for others. shouldn’t you always buy something for others that you would actually love to receive yourself? so for today i thought it would be fun to show you what i would gift someone from lush. all these items actually will be giftet to someone and i hope that very special person will be happy with it.
wrap it with pink string
so, i usually just go for gift sets around christmas and completely forgot that they do them all year around. because i was going for a very pink theme one really caught my eye and its the having a blast gift set. it contains the pink flamingo bubble bar and rub rub rub body scrub. both products are so lovely looking and i love bubble bars, especially the ones that can be used multiple times. i’ve never tried one of the solid body scrubs but this one looks so sweet and surely is amazing. 
whenever i gift items i like to include things i love myself and ones that i haven’t tried so one item i adore is the french kiss bubble bar. the lavender scent it so soothing and its the perfect bath to take when you need a pamper night. the think pink bath bomb recently got a new look. its now glittery pink. despite it being so pink and so glittery, the scent isn’t as crazy as i thought it would be. it smells floral with hints of tonka beans and vanilla. so good. 
one of their new items is the scrubee, another solid body scrub. not only does it look so adorable but its also the lush scent i adore. the very creamy and lovely cocoa butter scent. its not an in your face scent and its just so lovely. almonds and coconut are used as the actual peeling. it also contains shea butter and honey.
i can’t wait to finally wrap up those lush gifts, fill a big gift bag with tissue and give it to someone i love. gifting is just beautiful. if you want i could do more of those gift posts in the future for you, so please let me know what you think and what you would gift from lush or would like to receive.

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