Sunday Mood #63

happy sunday my loves. i hope your survived the heat wave we had to deal with and i hope you had a beautiful and productive week and a relaxing and treat worthy weekend. whilst you are reading this, i’m actually out for a day trip with my entire family. first we are driving out to a nature reserve to see otters being fed. i personally adore otters. they are just so adorable and cute but also very rare here in germany which is why i’m excited to see them in their natural habitat. after that we will be exploring the region my family is from which is just out of berlin and i can’t wait for all the stories my granddad has to tell. day trips with my family are always so lovely and i just cerish those memories. also, i really want to make more of an effort to explore my surroundings instead of dreaming to travel far all the time.
what i did
i feel like this week flew by. i have no idea what happened really but i feel like i blinked once and its sunday. i was very busy with uni as i have exams and a presentation coming up. besided that i enjoyed the weather wit a good old catch up with my friends with a bit of shopping. i also went to fete de la musique on thursday which is a day full of free concerts, gigs and dj sets all over the city and we sat in outside listening to music. it was great. as its my sisters birthday weekend we went to a beautiful and big las vegas style show, had dinner out and we surprised my sister with a trip to london in july. just my sister and i and i can’t wait.

what i didn’t do
i only had one workout…one…not good. to be fair, i felt pretty under the weather and was also running around like a mad woman as i had so much to do. i also didn’t start vlogging until friday and i hope that vlog makes it up on monday.
what i ate
i’m obsessed with watermelon juice. its so refreshing and sweet and good for you. i just blend up fresh watermelon with a bit of lime and some ice and its too good to be true. i adore it.
what i want to do next week
okay. i thought sephora would be opening on thursday. guess what? its opening in munich first so thats not gonna happen. i have so much uni work to do and i want to get as much done as i can and also workout as much as i can.
one word to describe the past week

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