Sunday Mood #62

another weeks is over and every time i get to sit down to type up this post it reminds of how fast time is going by and how quickly one week can pass and all the exciting things happening within the net few weeks. one things is actually happening in about a month but just in case a special someone is watching i’m not going to tell you right now, but net week. its my sister birthday comming up, we have plenty of family trips planned and my summer term and last term at uni is almost over…what? it seems like yesterday when i went for the first time. its doesn’t mean i get my degree because i have to do big exams next year but still. how am i almost done with my education? i’m not ready to be all grown up yet. i totally get why people have multiple degrees, at the moment that seems easier to me than entering adult full time working life.
what i did
whilst we a talking about uni and education, i passed my final dissertation. wooohooo. such a relief. i still have to present it and write a long exam but the biggest step is done and passed. everyone was so happy with me which made it all even better. despite that great thing i had a pretty slow week. i had loads of blogging and uni work today and was basically lued to my desk all week. the only break was for some pho eating which was delightful. since i felt quite poorly and not good really, i enjoyed some me time and it was very good.
what i didn’t do
because i felt pretty poorly i didn’t do my workouts and thats fine because a workout probably wouldn’t have been the best idea for me. 
what i ate
healthy as always but right when i sat down to type up this post my boyfriend offered me some häagen dazs cookies & cream ice cream. so yummy and a well deserved treat. i feel like i can enjoy treat food a lot more when i only have it once a week.
what i want to do next week
next week will be filled with uni work once again because now i can’t wait to finish my term with good grades. its also my sisters birthday weekend coming up and thats always exciting right? other than that i have no plans right now. that might change but who knows, i might stay home with my cat and boyfriend.
one word to describe the past week


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