Sunday Mood #61

here we go again. its sunday which means its time for this weeks sunday mood. if this post is a bit shorter not as nice to read, its probably because  i feel very, very bad today. i woke up with the biggest headache and i feel very dizzy and just very poorly so after typing up this post i’m gonn rest and do nothing and just have tea and probably nap because my headache is really not the one and i would much rather sleep it away but i also want to edit my new vlog so i hope i can get it up tonight because i just love vlogging so much right now. its so much fun and makes me so happy and you seem to like them too. so lets talk about this week and lets hope i can make it through this post with yout without fainting.
what i did
because we had another bank holiday monday here in germany my private classes were cancelled and i had quite a it of time to myself and i loved it. my boyfriend and i talked about adopting another cat, moving house and all the camera gear we would like to own, i was so up with it with my blog, channel and social media and i’m just loving it so much. i really just wish i could do this all day, every day. besides that i was very productive uni wise which i have to be since exams are close and i hope they will pass fast. i also had enough time to spend afternoon with friends and family so all in all a pretty good week until i woke up with this banger of a headache.
what i didn’t do
even though my private classes were cancelled i still had a lot to do and i only managed to get  2 workouts in. usually i like doing 3-4. so i hope i can get more workout time in next week if i feel better because no workouts when i’m poorly.
what i ate
i’m still on the healthy food and i just love it so much. i will do a post all about it this week and i can’t wait. because summer is rolling around all the fresh fruit are in season and i can’t get enough of berries, melons and nectarines. its just like eating the rainbow and its so much fun.
what i want to do next week
besides being a good student i want to keep my blog and channel running which means at least 2 posts and hopefully around 2 videos. hopefully i will feel better in a few days so i can get all the work done i need to get done because i hate to say that but i really can’t get poorly right now. i have too much to do.

one word to describe the past week

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