Sunday Mood #60

here we are again my loves. its sunday and its time to round up yet another week and boy, it was a summery one. can we just take a minute guys…how is it june already? 2017 is literally halfway done. where does time go? it was march last week, i feel. to all my summer loving peeps, your year is probably about to start but even though i have been enjoying sunbathing and chilling on my balcony, i’m just not a summer gal. in fact, i was craving pumpkin spice latte today so thats that. it just gets very hot all of the sudden here and its very humid and sticky and its just gross. also, i love fashion but i never know what to wear. having my ass cheeks or half of my belly hanging out really isn’t the one so i will have to figure something out. otherwise i will be getting very sweaty.

what i did
okay guys with sunday mood i would like to introduce my youtube channel back to you. it was left out for quite a bit because i had no idea what to do with it but know i decided to kinda transform my sunday mood series and do daily mood vlogs over there alongside the odd proper sit down video to take you guys along with my in my day to day life. i’m not gonna be daily vlogging at all but whenever i can and my first daily mood vlog is already up. so please give it a watch and let me know what you think. alongside vlogging, i had to do my classes and was pretty productive which always makes me happy. i also did a grand total of four workouts and ate super duper clean. me and my boyfriend have really been enjoying our afternoons on our balcony and its just lovely.
what i didn’t do
luckily i got everything done i needed to do. i could have studied a bit more but i will do that next week.
what i ate
as i said, i’m eating super clean and healthy lately and i have been loving it so much. one of my favourite things i had this week was a fresh summery salad with lettuce from my mums garden. so flavourful and it was so cool to pick it myself. having a veggie patch someday is so high on my wishlist

what i want to do next week
i won’t have to do my private classes next week due to a bank holiday so i will focus even more on doing my wor at home which means i can vlog even more. i also want to do to an acai bowl place i saw online and i will surely take my camera with me. obviously working out is on my agenda so yeah. lets smash a new week.

one word to describe the past week

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