Sunday Mood #58

today is not any odd sunday. today is mothersday here in germany. i know uk mothers were celebrated earlier but today is a special day just for mums here. just when i was wondering what on earth i should get my mum as she tends to just buy herself whatever she wishes for, she asked me to bake her something. perfect. thanks to cupcake jemma on youtube i found a beautiful recipe for rhubarb cupcakes and they are now sitting in the fridge ready to be taken home to my parents. i’m just waiting for my boyfriend to come back home so i can make my way down to see my parents and especially my mum. but obviously my boyfriend has a mum himself and he bought a massive bunch of flowers this morning. i’m very lucky with the mum i have, she is the best and i love her more than i could ever put into words ad i’m so grateful to be her daughter. i love you mum.

what i did
if you are following me on my socil media and if you are reading my sunday mood posts on a regular you will know that the past weeks have been really stressful and after a few weeks of feeling just not right and to stressed out to function, this week all my stress dropped and now i feel just so much better. i took it easy this week and it was needed. much time was spend with my family and boyfriend and i also had some good times with my best friend. we went flat viewing in a beautiful area and even though the property itself was beautifu, the flats weren’t as nice. weird floorplan and just not right. i’m also getting ready to pack as i leave for denmark on friday and i can’t wait.
what i didn’t do
stress. what a beautiful change and it felt so good. i basically took it easy with uni work and only revised the topics i enjoy. attended classes with my good friends and i lovd it.
what i ate
i‘m still very much into my healthy eating habits and it starts to pay off. i’m feeling great. because summer is around the corner many fruit are in season and i have been having all the berries and even som watermelon and its just so good.
what i want to do next week
i will have a full week of classes and some errands to run because the days before you leave for a holiday are always so super busy but i can’t wait to hop in the car very early on friday to make my way up to the danish coast. its the on place we have been going to for years and its like a second home. i need some beach time and a week full of relaxation with my family. can’t wait.
one word to describe the past week

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