Sunday Mood #57

happy sunday everyone and lets ’tis the season. its peony season which is the average beauty bloggers favourite season and i don’t mind being an average blogger when it comes to peonies and they will surely be featured all over my blog as long as the peonies will last. who can actually stay away from those beautiful pink flowers and they smell just so good and make every picture so much better. it certainly brightend my day when i purchased my first bunch and thats what matters. i got them in hope that spring would truly arrive now becaus after weeks of grey skies and cold nights i’m beyond ready for sunshine and being able to leave the house with just flats on and no coat to carry around with me and guess what? the sun actually is shining today so i hope its gonna stay.
what i did
after the past weeks have been very hard for me i decided to take a week off. sometimes you’ll have to look after yourself. so thats what i did by having a week to mind my own business. i skipped all my classes and just stayed home, took a million blog pictures, cleaned the flat, saw my best friend and family, went to the gym, got my nails done and just did the thinks i want to do and it was beautiful. i saw a girl named rebecca whos very much into fitness and i helped her sort out her makeup for her first ever competition and it was so much fun. just the week i needed.
what i didn’t do
i didn’t film anything this week but i basically have something new planned for my channel and  hope i can happen nex week, that would be really cool.
what i ate
for some reason i have really been enjoying all the healthy food lately and i love it. my favourite thing to have at the moment is oven roasted potatoes with loads of herbs and garlic, some salad too and thats it. so yummy and i would actually eat it right now.
what i want to do next week
its time to get back to my classes and i hopefully can be full of energy and motivation again. its just time to get back into the swing of things. i also want to twist my channel around a bit and i’m so excited for it and i hope you’ll enjoy it too.
one word to describe the past week

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