Gardening with a Balcony

in todays post we will move away from everything beauty and makeup and get our hands dirty. its about gardening. my mum and granny have always enjoyed their gardens and ever since i was a little girl i was involved in the fun too. my mum took me to the garden centre and let me pick out flowers to plant in our garden, she showed me how to take care of flowers and ever since i was a little girl i wanted to have a garden myself. now being 23 years old, i don’t have a garden just yet but a huge balcony instead and i’m trying to make the most of it gardening wise. i think admiring beautiful flowers is very common in the blogging scene and its even better when you grew them youself and its also such a beautiful green oasis i can enjoy after a long day. its a place to sit with fiends, have a meal or even work as i have been taking my laptop out there and its lovely. so here we go, how to do some gardening with not only a balcony but a small space when you’re a beginner.
work with YOUR space
when i think about my perfect garden that i’ll hopefully have one day its south facing, lots of roses, raised beds to grow fruit and veg in and maybe some fruit trees. truth is that i have an east facing balcony which means i only get sun in the mornings.trying to grow roses on it would probably not work out the way i want it to be so i have to work with what i have. i have to go for plants which don’t mind a bit more shade, its a balcony so there are no real beds just pots. thats what you should do too. find the sunny spaces, work with the conditions you have. i use benches and chairs to raise up pots and get them even more sun and i love cottage gardens because they look so cosy, slightly cluttered but full of love which is why i painted my balcony furniture in whites and pastel pinks, i have pots everyhwhere, lanterns, candles and bunting but you could also go for more greenery and a simple black furniture. its just depens on your space, style and the time you want to spend on your plants. theres nothing easier than having pots with regular grass which i have myself for my cat.
beginner blooms
as much as i love pottering around on my balcony, throughout the week i only have time for watering and enjoying rather than cutting down and nursing plants which is why always go for very easy to keep alive flowers that basically grow everywhere, will always look nice and only require a minimum of attention. first off its primroses. the classic early spring flower which is basically sold everywhere. i just plant them in bigger pots and they are happy. they look beautiful and come in loads of colours such as vivid pinks and dark purples. they can deal with the shade on my balcony very well but they tend to be more leafs than flowers and they don’t grow as nicely anymore which is why i tend to plant a few new plants as soon as its summer.
one of my favourite plants to have until its almost winter are violets. they can be planted in early spring, can deal with colder nights but also hot days. they grow from tiny little flowers into almost bush like sizes and they are so easy to take care off. the colours they come in are just beautiful and they look so cute. probably my favourite flowers to have on my balcony and i can recommend them to everyone who likes pretty flowers, is not the most advanced gardener and wants to do a minimum of work.
because i like to change up flowers with the summer i love planting dahlias because it so easy and works like a charm. you basically burry the bulbs around march and they will be in full bloom by june/july. mine are already showing and they grow very big with huge flower heads. you can also cut them very nicely and display them in a vase. they are just beautiful and only need water. thats it.
an ode to trebah gardens
cornwall and the south of england in general might be a gardeners dream. its a wet climate and temperatures don’t go as crazy as they do here. visiting cornwall in 2015 was such an eye opening experience. i was basically in awe the whole time. i didn’t know how big hydrangeas could grow and everything seemed way more green and beautiful. i can only dream of mine growing this big and maybe i’ll have a cottage garden in cornwall one day (what a dream) but because i love hydrangeas so much i decided to get my own this year. two of them i got blooming, the third will hopefully bloom in the summer. they do need a bit more care. i bought special hydrangea soil and fertilizer to make sure the plant gets everything it needs. hydrangeas don’t mind the shade and they need loads of water. i basically have to water them almost twice a day. otherwise they look sad, especially my pink one but i just love how bright and huge they are and how unreal the blue flowers look. they are by far my favourite especially after visiting treba gardens. you have to see the hydrangea valley when they are in full bloom. its unreal and i almost cried at the beauty of nature. you just have to see it.
so here we are. a very different post to my usual ones. but i just love gardening and having and outside space for me. gardenin is very rewarding and truly is a lot of fun and when you like adding flowers into your blog photography you can just pick them from your own space. brilliant. i know that this might not interest everyone but i hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. if you have any questions please leave them in the comments and let me know if you liked this post.

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