Sunday Mood #56

oh hello there. log time no blog, sadly. theres just so much that has been going down over the past week. so if you follow me on twitter and instagram you might know what has happened to my macbook. it just died a very sad death, completely out of nowhere and i still have no idea why. so basically all my work was gone. all my pictures, memories and uni work. luckily, i was able to safe most  it but my trusty old macbook is gone. its safe to say that i had a few cries. i was so proud when i bought it all from my own money and i used it daily. it was what this blog and my channel was born out of andnow its gone. i still have no idea how i will afford a new one and currently i’m using a windows laptop my dad still had so thats gonna be it for now. lets see when i will be able to use an apple computer again.

what i did
so other than dealing with technical issues on the elena isabelle front, i helped a friend with her makeup artist degree by being her model for the day which truly was the only really fun day i had this week. kinda sad. uni is all over the place right now. i’m stating to realize how much i have to know for my finals next year and i have no idea how to do it. its just too much. i cried to my parents on the phone because its only me putting pressure on myself. no one else. i sometimes wish i didn’t go for law just to not have to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with it. my whole week was just about my classes and because i had no laptop i couldn’t even calm myself down by doing some blogging. it wasn’t great.
what i didn’t do
bascially everything blogging and internet related and i missed it because my blog is my happy place. always. not being able to access it was a lot harder than i thought. i also didn’t go to the gym…there literally was no time.
what i ate
just boring things and i actually don’t remember anything exciting at all. other than my boyfriend suggesting to make waffles for a saturday breakfast so that what we did and it was so good. not healthy but needed.
what i want to do next week
get my blog and channel back into gear and focus on it quite a lot. i just want to focus more and more on what makes me happy and what i truly want to do. i want to take more time to myself and enjoy myself a it more. i also want to get back into the gym because it makes me feel good.
one word to describe the past week

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