Sunday Mood #55

lets start this sunday mood of with wishing you, your family and your loved ones a happy and blessed easter. enjoy your 4 day weekend and have some chocolate treats, healthy eating can start after easter again. this weekend is not only easter weekend its also my birthday weekend. i turned 23 on the 15th and it was such lovely day. breakfast in bed, tea and cakes with the family and a proper birthday party next week. i can’t wait and i’m still in a total birthday awe and i will surely have some of my leftover birthday cake tonight as a special treat. also, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes over on twitter and instagram, it truly made my day so much better and put  huge smile on my faces which still lasts.

what i did
the past week has been quite hectic. we took care of one of my parents dog whilst the older one was with my grandparents. it was lovely but it also involved us going on many walks daily and stepping outside at 6.30 am in my pjs to let the dog out. because my parents weren’t there i also took care of my mums office and handed in my uni work i have been dealing with since february. a huge relief to say the least. right after i started my private classes to prepare me for my finals next year and it was so overwhelming, literally like starting a show in season 4 episode 7…lovely. besides much work i also had such a beautiful week with my boyfriend. he totally fell in love with the idea of having a dog and i just loved preparing for my birthday.
what i didn’t do
youtube because this week has been filled up but thats fine, i have a lot videos planned which i van hopefully film next week.
what i ate
besides birthday cake which always is fantastic i have been obsessed with roasting potatoes in the oven with olive oil, garlic and herbs and its just insanely good. so filling and yummy and with a nice salad on the side it makes the perfect meal.
what i want to do next week
my term starts again next week but since i only have to take 2 classes this term its not too busy but obviously i have my private classes alongside. i also want to get my birthday party prepared and establish my workout routine. i have been loving being back at the gym and i also want to film a few videos and truly get back into the swing of things. 

one word to describe the past week

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