Sunday Mood #54

what a lovely and sunny sunday it is. after a rather grey week i have been soaking up all the rays of sunshine which decided to show up yesterday. i feel so motivated and happy as soon as its sunny and lovely outside but i feel a bit guilty to sit at my desk inside and typing up this post when i would much rather be outside. since i’m having my mums dog for a week i already had a morning walk so i don’t feel as bad. so, in this weeks sunday mood i want to apologize for not being most active the past week. everything got in the way and i was super busy all week long. even though i had some pictures ready i didn’t really like them and i don’t want to put anything up that i don’t really enjoy. if i enjoy my content i feel you do too and yeah, i’m sorry but i will make up for it, i promise.

what i did
i feel like the past week was a true errand week. i got back to the gym and loved it even though my trainers i’ve had for year started rubbing my heels and cut them open so my beautiful white trainers are now covered in blood…great. besides that i prepared for the little puppy and finishes up my uni work so i can hand it in on monday. to get a day to myself i had a lovely day shopping and catching up with one of my best friends which included some yummy vapiano. i also went to a concert in my old high school to see my sister preform and catch up with some of my old teachers and it was beyond lovely. on friday i got up at 4.30 am to take my parents to the airport to fly out to barcelona. so it was busy.
what i didn’t do
blogging…and it did stress me out so bad. i just feel so bad when i don’t stick to my schedule but at least i uploaded a video. also, i’m getting very frustrated with my instagram and i want to turn it around quite a bit so lets see how that goes.
what i ate
actually nothing too exciting buuuuuut i went to the grocery store and found plums called watermelon plums and they were the best thing i ever had. i think i wasn’t the only one liking them because they sold out and i wasn’t able to find them again…and i want them.
what i want to do next week
its actually my birthday week so a big yay for that. i’m literally so excited and happy. its easter and my birthday so thats a winner. besides getting ready for my birthday celebrations i want to have a week without uni work and i can’t wait for that. since i have the dog i want to go for long walks and outfit shooting days because my lovely boyfriend is off work for two weeks. i’m excited.
one word to describe the past week
what i uploaded the past week

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