Sunday Mood #53

lets welcome april. how can it be april already? this year is just going by too fast. april is my birthday month and i’m quite excited for it. obviously birthdays are great but i never really did too much to actually celebrated it. it was just family time and that was it and over the past years i started really going out and celebrating my day. just by inviting my friends over for girl time and chats and just to have my loved ones around and i love it. its just for the memories and i think its right to celebrate yourself on your birthday. it doesn’t have to be the most expensive party night. i want to do an afternoon tea and probably some diy flower crowns and i can’t wait. i will share everything on here with you so we can all take part because i would love to invite all of you. also, last week we hit 250 followers on bloglovin and now we are almost at 260…you guys. my heart is just so full. seeing you enjoying my blog means the world.

what i did
just like all the past weeks i spend most of my time writing my uni thing and its almost done. my grandma is just checking it for spelling and grammar errors and i hope i can wrap it up on monday. my mum also let me sit william once again and he did so well. my boyfriend is so excited to have a dog for a week when my parents leave for barcelona on friday. after doing very well with my uni work i managed to film a video and had such a good time with friends. my best friend and i had a much needed shopping spree and girls day on friday and it was so much fun and i bought quite a few bits in primark and i will do a haul very soon. so after my boyfriend had to recover from the hangover from hell, me and my mum cleaned the whole flat and i painted my entire balcony furniture and it looks so good. i basically had an entire saturday with my family and it was just what i needed.
what i didn’t do
i really want to get back into my work out routine and it has been slacking quite a bit and getting bit into it is very hard…i hope i can get back into it quickly.
what i ate
as i said before, i have been eating very healthy lately and i’m still at it. my favourite this week has been a granola i found at my store. its just perfect. not too sweet as they only use honey as a sweetener and it has loads of nuts in it and its just grainy and not sugary. i love it.
what i want to do next week
finish my entire uni work so i can hand it in next monday. i also want to put extra effort into my blog and channel so it will always be updated when the new term starts. also, my parents leave for barcelona on friday and i will be taking care of their dog for one week. my friend and i are attending a wedding next saturday and it will be beautiful and i can’t wait. i feel like april will be so busy and exciting.
one word to describe the past week
what i uploaded the past week

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