5 Things I want to do this Spring

spring is truly here in germany. it always takes a bit longer here for the trees to get green again and since i had enough of all the greyness around, I’m soaking it all up. it literally looks like its getting greener by the hour and to top it all off, trees are in full bloom which has to be my favourite thing ever. as soon as the sun appears warmer and the days longer i get so much more motivated to actually do things and i like planning ahead. because i really want to make the most of this year i came up with 5 things i want to do this spring. sometimes i get overly excited about all the thing i’d love to do and in the end i don’t do them at all so hopefully this post will remind me of just that.

make flower crowns myself
i absolutely adore flower crowns and have been for years. even though i never actually been to a proper festival, i love wearing them because they just are so beautiful and fairy like. besides loving them for years i never actually made one myself and i just imagine if to be so much fun. i might do it for my bithday party and if that doesn’t happen i will just make one for myself because you don’t need an occasion to do something you love.
visit the rhododendron park
if you are an instagram lover like myself, you might have seen many instagramers take a picture of the bridge which looks like a perfect circle with the reflection on the lake it goes over. its actually located in a park about two hours away from where i live and i have been dying to go. me and my boyfriend imagine it to be extra pretty in spring so we surely will make our way out there.

have a barbecue 
who doesn’t love a good barbecue? even though i love them i don’t really do many. our balcony would essentially be big enough so i don’t really know why we didn’t really do them but as soon as its getting warmer again i want to prepare a lovely one with loads of different salads and cold beer and obviously some lovely people.

film a lookbook
lookbooks are just some of my favourite videos to watch ever. they are just so fun and i feel like you can really go all out with the editing. even though i’m just not really too comfortable within myself, i still want to do it just because i love dressing for spring and the current fashion is just all i want in life ever. obviously i would love to do it even more if you would like to see it too.
turn 23
its finally my birthday on april 15th and i can’t wait. i will have quite a relaxing day with my family on my actual birthday and will have a lovely birthday party with my friends the week after. i think i mentioned before that i used to never really do much for my birthday and only picked that habit up over the past years. to me, its worth it and i wouldn’t want to do it any other way.
what about you? do you have any plans for spring already? let me know so i can add a few more on my list and hopefully make this season even more special.

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