Why I love Spring

i will say, i don’t really have a favourite season. i love all of them, i love living in a country where i get to have all of them. from freezing cold and snowy winters to hot and humid summers but i have to say, i have a thing for spring. maybe because its my birthday month in april, maybe because i feel like its a fresh start. fresh greens, fresh flowers, fresh sunny days. whenever i see little bits of fresh green peaking through the grey and empty bushes, i get a little flutter in my tummy. maybe its because my birthday is in spring, maybe because winters are quite cold here.

bring on all the bloom
seeing all the pictures from london bloggers makes me so jealous. pink tress already. maybe its because climate is quite harsh here but i just love the colours. light green, blue skies, pink and white blossoms everywhere and almost a glance of hot summer nights that can be spend sitting outside with friends. i almost want to gather all my things and do a picnic in our still bare courtyard and i love seeing the smile on peoples faces as soon as the first warmer day rolls around. like we all waited for it.
maybe i like all the seasons and celebrating them because my parents always told us to. we probably spend more time outside than inside.
spring fashion
one thing i love about the transitional seasons is that the fashion probably is my fave. i don’t die sweating or freezing and i can still wear nice flowy shirts, jeans, some cute flats or slippers and light coats. pared with a nice pair of shades and i’m good to go. its exciting to me and most fun to dress. maybe because i don’t feel comfortable in short dresses and skirts and i also don’t think my massive coat is too fashionable and i don’t think i can show it on here all the time either. its probably my favourite time to dress and shop.
what about you? are you excited for spring or would you rather skip it and go straight to summer? let me know.

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