Sunday Mood #52

happy sunday my loves and what a beauty it is. sunshine all around, lovely spring warmth and little bits of greenery and fresh leafs everywhere. its just so lovely to see everything come to life again. all buildings in my street have little courtyards in front with hedges to frame them and they are basically freckled with bits of green as the leafs start popping out where the sun hits them most and its so fascinating to look at. i will probably head back out to my balcony after typing up this post to soak up the last hours of my sunday before monday hits me again and i’m glued to my laptop because i have a very brave goal for my assignment.

what i did
most of this week was just like all the other weeks for almost 8 weeks…doing uni work and just sitting at my desk trying to get it done so i don’t want to bore you to death with it. my parents are off to barcelona in april and i’m sitting their dog so because we have a cat we had the little sweet puppy over and it went so well, everyone got along nicely and i loved it. also, my parents and i spent a whole day together doing a little day trip to the very beautiful but quite creepy abandoned hospital that is just outside of berlin and it was just so interesting and i will go back to take more pictures. after that we had lunch together and went to the garden centre so i was able to potter around on my balcony today and will it with even more plants. also, we hit 250 followers on bloglovin’…aaaaaah. thank you so sosoooooo much.
what i didn’t do
i basically got done what i wanted too which is always nice. i didn’t have time to shoot outfit pictures but thats fine, i will make up for it soon.
what i ate
i‘m still eating very healthy and i’m loving it. my favourites have been rice with all kinds of veggies and fish or, very weirdly, red peppers. i love them at the moment because they are so refreshing, so crunchy but almost sweet. the perfect snack.
what i want to do next week
my very brave goal is to finish my assignment so i can send in to my grandma as she is reading for me and correct any grammar errors i might did and i know i can do it. also, my parents dog, his name is william by the way, will be at mine again and other than that, theres nothing planned but thats fine.
one word to describe the past week
what i uploaded the past week

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