Sunday Mood #51

hello my loves and welcome back to this weeks sunday mood. i feel like this week truly flew by and i don’t really know how or what i did because it went in the blink of an eye. crazy. how? i have been in a true planning mode today and feel like everything will work out just perfectly because so far, 2017 has been a treat. really, it was been great and i hope it goes on like that. my birthday month is truly but surely creeping up and looking at my agenda, it will be such a busy month with lots of things planned and lots of deadlines uni wise. i’m currently planning how to attend a wedding when i can’t find a dress to wear and how i can make my birthday afternoon tea party just perfect but i’m sure i’ll do so many posts about that when the time is ready.

what i did
just like every week so far, i was at library typing up my final assignment and i have to say, i was very productive and now know where i want to take it and right now i’m pretty happy with myself. that could change again next week but for now i’m enjoying that feeling quite a bit. because i really wanted to get in spring mode i helped my mum with her garden and also finally got my balcony spring ready with some beautiful flowers. it actually started feeling like spring and my boyfriend and i had such a beautiful walk and took pictures for the blog too.
what i didn’t do
film…i started but as its not really a sit down video it takes a bit longer and i have been such a busy bee and i had no time at all. also, i would love to go back to the gym but no time…after it all calms down, i’m sure i will be able to do more on that front.
what i ate
this week i decided to switch my eating habits around and decided to now have sugar unless its a treat day which usually is sunday and i’m doing pretty well. i feel like i had a lot of bad comfort foods lately and i always feel a million times better when i eat well and healthy. i made so many yummy salads too and i’m pretty happy. for tomorrow however, i have a huge chocolate chip cookie waiting for me and i know it will be glorious.
what i want to do next week
i want to get my assignment as much finished as i can because that would make me so proud. also, i would have enough time to make sure it also looks good and is just the way my profs required it. also, i want to pay lush a visit and maybe pick up some easter bits. other than that its just library and filming on my agenda.
one word to describe the past week

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