Sunday Mood #50

hello my loves and welcome back to this weeks sunday mood. i can’t quite believe that i did 50 of these already. time truly flies and i bet you are all aware of that. after a week full of greyness and drizzle i’m so happy about the bright blue skies and the sunshine. spring rolling around is just so perfect to me and i wish i was sitting on my balcony typing this up but i have no wifi out there so yeah, it probably won’t ever happen but i can pretend right? as soon as the sun comes out and it feels like spring i feel like i should do some gardening and plant stuff on my balcony and i will do that soon but its still just tad bit too cold and i want to make sure the flowers last but when i do plant finally, i will let you guys know for sure.

what i did
my weeks are just so super boring lately. i had a job interview on monday which went nicely but i’m not gonna take the offer as its a bit too much for me right now and basically the rest of the week was spend in library glued to one of the desks typing away and to be fair, it wasn’t the nicest experience. i literally had to drag myself there by the end of the week because i just don’t want to do it but i have to and it will be over soon. after being anti social and feeling sorry for myself all week i went out for some drinks with one of my best friends and it was just perfect to just not talk about uni for once.
what i didn’t do
being a super social and exciting person. i feel like everyone is always going places, lunchin’ and brunchin’ and i live in a library surrounded by books which makes me want to cry but hey ho. you gotta work for your goals.
what i ate
okay, mini eggs weren’t really a thing here so milka started doing them last year and i fell head over heels in love. when they brought up the easter stand they had like 7 packs of them there and i literally bought every single one and now, they finally restocked so i had to get some mini eggs…only one pack because i can’t have all the sugar all the time.

what i want to do next week
i want to get as much of my homework done as i can and i really want to push myself to just get it done. also, i want to film at least two videos because i want tu upload more and i hope i can make se time to do more outfit shoots but we’ll have to see.
one word to describe the past week
what i uploaded last week

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