Sunday Mood #49

happy sunday everyone. welcome back to a new sunday mood. i know, i know, i did not upload one last week but basically i had a lovely morning at the horses with my mum and i was determined to type up my sunday mood post right after but when i looked at the pictures i wanted to use, i hated them. they turned out crap which bothered me so much. i want to use my own pictures. ones i enjoy and love but they were crap and i didn’t want to use pinterest ones and basically i wasn’t happy at all. out of nowhere i had a banging headache and was nestled up on the sofa for a few hours, trying to get rid of them as i had a spa evening planned and i wanted to go so bad and it was just not happening. so i’m sorry about that because i feel like you all love my sunday moods and it was the first time i was close to crying because i wasn’t able to upload. so i hope i can make up for that with this weeks one.

what i did
i sometimes wish i did more exciting things like day trips, traveling, attending exciting events but i’m not there yet. one day, i will report about all the super amazing things but at the same time i’m just an average girl, a homebody at heart and i find most comfort in my little flat cuddled up on the sofa with my cat and boyfriend. most days this week were spend in library at uni doing all the research for my project/homework/assignment i have to hand in in about a month. so me and my uni pals sat in our very sunny and beautiful library surrounded by books and i was quite productive. i feel like i got so much done and i now know where to take it all. thats basically it, when i wasn’t working and reading up on my topic i was at home unwinding for a few hours before going to bed. except saturday, it was the first day of spring here. so sunny and warm. can’t wait for spring to properly roll around.

what i didn’t do
most weeks from now on will probably be spend in library or uni so there isn’t much time left for other things. i almost feel like i don’t even have time for friends because they are also busy bees at the moment and at the moment and basically always, i rather have a chilled night in than going crazy. sometimes i feel like i don’t really feel like fitting in my age when it comes to that. in my books, i got everything done i needed to do and that is what matters.
what i ate
okay this is probably a bit weird now but first off all, i’m still obsessed with the vegan lentil curry i started making a few weeks back and i will do a recipe on it because its so easy and the most yummy thing ever. it just so filling but never makes me too filled up and the cafeteria i go to at uni does fresh salad cups and i love them. especially their pasta salad. its so good and i’m gonna have it quite a lot and i’m not mad about it.

what i want to do next week
just the same i did this week. study, study, study and blogging alongside. besides that i feel like i have to up my youtube game. i would love to vlog more and i’m set to buy a vlogging camera soon. also, i have so many ideas but those videos i want to do take up time i don’t have right now. so i hope i can get out a video anyway. i also have an interview on monday and i’m excited for that. i will let you know how that goes.
one word to describe the past week
what i uploaded last week

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