Donnerstag, 2. März 2017

Spring Fashion Wishlist

shopping is great and and do think we all love it. now, i'm in desperate hope that spring will roll around quickly. right now its bloody stormy and pouring down with rain so yeah, thats that. recently, i had a good look around online because i really want to get some new pieces in my wardrobe to welcome the new season. also, i feel like i was quite out of it and unsure about my style and about what i wanted to wear. recently, i think i found my way back to me and to what i adore and i would describe it as casual chic. detailed and floral shirts are probably my fave. so girly and they always look amazing even dressed with jeans. zara and H&M have amazing ones right now. now, when it comes to jeans, it was a long way coming for me. i used to hate them and i would never ever wear jeans, ever and now i love them and recently i started loving quite straight jeans such as mom ones. they are so flattering, comfy and on style too. also, gucci is huge but this girl right here can't afford the real deal at this very moment so i love that there are dupes basically everywhere. its great. 

i know i haven't done many wishlist posts and this is probably not was professional as they could be but i'm basically lusting over new items of clothing all the time and i want to share them with you. if you have anything you would want me to change next time, please let me know.



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