Some Palette Loving

ever since i got into make up eyeshadow and blush palettes were the products which drew me in. i wanted them and still want them, all of them. one of my first ever high end makeup products was the orginal urban decay naked palette and i still love and cherish it even though i probably need a new one because it truly has seen better days. luckily, i have more than enough eyeshadow palettes to last me a life time and use them on a daily so i wanted to dedicate a whole post to them and share my thoughts and favourites with you.

so much choice
this can be great but also overwhelming for many. i usually get inspired by a choice of many colours and it reminds me to try something else every now and then when i have time to get ready in peace and don’t have to rush to be at uni on time. to me, theres always a reason to buy a new palette and there are so many i want lately. one of my favourites for neutral tones is the too faced chocolate bar palette. not only does it smell like choclate, the colours are just what i want in life. very neutral and warm and the quality of the eyeshadows i just unreal. so smooth and beautiful to blend. when i don’t go for brown neutrals i like some light pinks and mauve tones and the perfect palette for that has to be the urban decay naked 3. its by far the most beautiful one packaging wise out of all the naked palettes. its so spring like and beautiful and as soon as i feel like spring is here, i whip it out and use it. its probably no secret that the quality of urban decay eyeshadows is just brilliant. all of them just work and look beautiful.
build your own
even though i probably have every shade under the sun already, i like the idea of building your own palette. i got an empty mac pro palette a while back and only managed to fill up to pans with the shades all that glitters and tempted. i really need to step up my game and finally fill it up. its probably a good idea to make it my goal for this year to finally fill it up and show you the final palette at the end of year. watch this space.
on a budget
i’ve featured pretty pricey items in this post so far but there are so many amazing options out there when being on a budget. my favourite brand for that has to be makeup revolution. their palettes are unreal and so super good. i use the blush palettes on a daily and when it comes to value for money they are just a winner. to me, their blushes are just as good as expensive ones and they also do amazing eyeshadow palettes which are massive dupes for high end palettes. 
so here we are, sharing some love for palettes. they are just my favourite and probably will ever be. what about you? are you a palettes person or do you prefer singles or quads?

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