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whenever lush drops a new seasonal stock, i have to check it out and most like grab myself some bits. with easter rolling around, my birthday is right on the long easter weekend, lush stocked their new easter stock. to be fair, i wasn’t too impressed. after their valentines range being very great with so many beautiful bath items, i expected a bit more. i was quite sad to find out that they got rid of the fluffy egg which i loved last year and overall they didn’t have many items and most of them were really big bath bombs which are not great for breaking up and using multiple times either so i got some of their regular stock instead. even though the easter range didn’t blow me away and had me so excited like the halloween and christmas stock i still thought i should share it with you.

have a lush bath
lets start off with the easter items. i only got two and both i had before and loved. first one is the bunch of carrots bubble bars. recently, i have been preferring bubble bars over bath bombs and even though the bunch of carrots isn’t the cheapest its great for multiple use. last year i got six baths out of it which makes it great value for money and they would look so sweet in an easter basket. they smell very fresh. it contains lemon oil and smells very fresh and not too overpowering.
the other one is one that makes everything and i mean everything gold and glittery. its the golden egg bath bomb melt. its basically a hybrid of bath bomb and bath melts and hydrates your skin beautifully. its toffee scented and contains cocoa butter and orange oil and i have to say, the very creamy and soft scents lush does are my fave so scent wise this might be my fave of the easter range and i will save it for a very luxe bath after a particular long week.
from the regular range i got the ladybird bubble bar. i think it used to be exclusive to lush oxford street which just is a lush lover dream and i actually had so calm down quite a bit when i was there last september. it is very strong i scent and reminds me a lot of peeping santa bubble bar. very sweet and quite sickly because it contains geranium oil. it looks so sweet and spring like and i can’t wait to use it.
last but not least is probably one of the most beautiful ones in lush. its a french kiss bubble bar. it has the most soothing and calming lavender scent and its perfect if you really need to unwind and relax after a long week or if you have something very exciting ahead of you. lavender is perfect for get you to sleep and just calms you down.
so here we are my little partly easter lush haul. i love what i got and can’t wait to have endless baths. have you tried any of the easter stock? let me know what you think.

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