Dupe Search: Kylie Cosmetics Kristen

lets take it bag and do it old school. back in the day when i first started my little blog i did quite a lot of “dupe search” posts which basically means finding cheaper alternatives to hyped up products and i loved them and they went down quite well back then. now, i didn’t really intend to bring them back but when i was having look at the nyx counter when i was just shopping for soap and tissues i found a colour that just looked very familiar and i picked it up. so instead of just doing a plain review i thought i would be fun to do another installment of dupe search because thats what it it. a dupe for the kylie cosmetics liquid lipstick in kristen.
lets get exotic
the nyx lingerie liquid lipstick range is amazing to begin with. in my eyes, they are some of the best liquid lipsticks you can get from the drugstore. its mostly nude shades and they retail for about 8€ each. exotic, just as kristen is a very weird nude red. i have no idea how to describe the colour because its nowhere near being a bright and statement lip but its also not a classic nude. its probably some sort of a terracotta or brick colour but its beautiful and something i love wearing on a daily basis because its just a bit more exciting. the nyx lipsticks just have a very nice formula, they are opaque and easy to put on. they last very nicely and don’t feel dry, on my lips at least. the only thing i don’t really like its the applicator. its quite long and thin and i feel like it doesn’t spread the product as nicely as it should. its almost like most of the product get stuck to certain parts of the applicator and i think a shorter one would probably be better.
is it a dupe?
i love kristen by kylie cosmetics because its such a unique and beautiful colour. it looks very chic and put together and its also perfect to wear to work. now, the original is a tad bit lighter and brighter. i feel like it contains more red pigments and i prefer the applicator but other than that its the same. the formula, the lasting power, the comfort. exotic is the closest colour to kristen i have ever seen and is perfect if you like the colour but don’t want to order from kylie cosmetics. even if you are not into the whole dupe or kylie cosmetics hype, its just a very nice colour and i love it. the whole lingerie lipstick range just is worth checking out if you want a cheap and cheerful liquid lipstick.
do you like dupe posts or do you prefer regular reviews? please let me know what you think and want to see.

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