Sunday Mood #47

another week done and dusted. i just got back from a ice skating on a frozen lake where my parents live. freezing cold but beautiful. even though winter might not be my favourite season i love experiencing different seasons and weather situations. a frosty day with bright sunshine certainly isn’t too bad at all. especially when you wake up to the most beautiful bunch of flowers. its our 3 year anniversary today and since i love getting flowers and prefer them over most gifts, my lovely boy got me just the most dreamy bunch. 3 years is a long time and i just can’t imagine life without him. he seriously is the best thing that ever happened to me and we are team mates forever.

what i did:
the past week was packed full with uni work. the term is almost over and it seems like everyone wants to squeeze as much into lectures as they can and to be fair, i’m stressed out. at least my boyfriend was off work for a week and it just so lovely to have him home all day. it was also my best friends birthday on tuesday and she invited a few friends for tea and cake and it was beautiful. 
what i didn’t do:
film…i really wanted to get a video up but one i filmed on a whim turned out quite bad and i didn’t like it so it will probably never make it to youtube. i also didn’t go to the gym once. again, i was just not motivated at all. that has to change for sure.
what i ate:
there really wasn’t anything too exciting other than my obsession with acai bowls. how can they be so good? i feel like having them constantly and its like having a healthy ice cream. the best!
what i want to do next week:
get a flippin’ video up! also, i’m getting the topic for my very last and very important assignment and i’m just nervous so i hope that goes well. my week might be all about that one assignment and to be fair, the next 8 weeks will. so forgive me if i keep on moaning about it but i’m stressed already.
one word to describe the past week:

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