Why I was scared to try Fashion Blogging

Coat: Stefanel // Blouse: Zara // Jeans: Primark // Shoes: Primark // Bag: Primark// Sunglasses: BikBok

New Schedule and the first outfit post of mine which i’m certainly vey excited to publish and also very nervous. for some reason trying something new and introducing something else i haven’t tried before always gets me very, very nervous and many times i’m so close to just not doing it. fashion, clothing and dressing was always a passion of mine, i love everything fashion related and to like dressing myself nicely, buying new clothes and finding inspiration from all the amazing fashion blogs even though i’m sat here in yoga pants and an oversized jumper but i have to be comfy to blog. for some very weird reason i was always scared to dip my toes into the fashion blogging world, almost anxious because all of a sudden i felt like i had to sense when it comes to style and i felt like i have to be something else to be fashion blogger and being myself wouldn’t be enough. 
1. Confidence
i have to admit i’m not the most confident with myself and my body. i’m working on it but getting my pictures taken and then sitting there and editing them to put online is quite stressful for me and i tend to look at a picture and just find a flaw about it which then marks a reason for me to just not put it online but i really want to work on my confidence and making myself loving myself the way i am and i feel now i might have enough confidence to do it or at least give it a try.
2. Equipment
yes, i do have a dslr camera but one thing that is quite weird to state under equipment is someone who takes pictures for you. i guess many big bloggers hire photographers and that is amazing and i would love to do that but certainly don’t have the budget to pay someone a fair amount of money to take pictures of me. my boyfriend is a very talented hobby photographer but everyone who has their boyfriend taking pictures for them knows that there are fights on the horizon. we both have our own ideas which can cause a little fall out every now and then. out of nowhere he offered to take pictures for me now so i’m very excited and hope we can provide nice content for you.
3. Budget
whenever i scroll through fashion blogs, which is a big love of mine, i feel like most bloggers are never wearing the same items and it feel like they always have the newest and coolest items, shop for new clothing all the same and are casually carrying a new designer bag every month. there is a serious lack in designer handbags in my wardrobe and i tend to wear many items over and over again which made me think i couldn’t do fashion blogging. i can. i think most of us don’t have all the bugdet to go crazy over chloé and gucci every month as much as i would love to do that. so here we are. i’m a normal student with a student budget and a big love for fashion and i’m going to portrait me here.
4. Comparison
comparison is the thief of joy…it truly is but sometimes its just what i do and i find it hard to help it. i always thought to be a fashion blogger or try at least, i had to pose in front of kensington houses with a chanel boy bag. i don’t own a chanel bag and i don’t live in london and for some reason i just manifested the idea in my head that i can’t try doing outfit posts but the truth is, i can. i can do them my way.
i don’t really know if i lost my fear of fashion blogging but i will try and do my best. let me know what you think about being scared to do something that you actually shouldn’t be afraid of.

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