Which Products I Loved in 2016

i sometimes i feel like i’m late when it comes to videos and posts and i wasn’t too sure if it was still a good timing to do a 2016 beauty favourites post and video so i asked you guys and you said you wanted one. also, its only the first week of 2017 so here we go. after filming and taking the pictures i feel like i have missed quite a few products but thats okay, i will be more prepared next year and i actually wanted to keep it quite short and sweet so you don’t have to watch an ages long video and this post will not be too long to read either. so here we go, lets talk about my 2016 beauty favourites:

i tend to stick to the same products in my routine especially when it comes to foundations and nars sheer glow still has to be my all time favourite but when i went to sephora in copenhagen i picked up the too faced born this way foundation and concealer because i saw nikkie tutorials use it in a video and i loved how it looked. the foundation is not as dewy as sheer glow but gives a very lovely skin like finish with a medium coverage. its just looks so natural and lovely and adds more radiance to my complexion which is always needed. the concealer however is very light and mainly highlights and lifts my under eye area which is exactly what i’m looking for.
when it comes to blushes and bronzers there actually wasn’t much new for me other than the sleek contour kit. its such an amazing and affordable bronzer for fair skin without making it look muddy or too orange and every fair skinned lady out there will know the struggle. sleek in general is such an amazing brand. all their blushes are just so good and i use them on a daily.
to me theres no real reason to buy a high end mascara other than wanting to treat yourself because drugstore ones are just as good if not better. one brand that keeps on bringing out amazing mascaras is maybelline and the maybelline lash sensational has been my fave this year. it gives me such long an beautiful lashes and i don’t have to break the bank and whenever i don’t know which mascara to use or get, i will get this one.
2016 has been the year of liquid lipsticks for me and i loved it. i personally feel very comfortable wearing a matte lip on a daily as soon as its comfortable and liquid lipsticks certainly offer an opaque colour but are so much easier to put on and wear. kat von d is everlasting liquid lipsticks are amazing to me. i got 3 shades in the summer and love them so much. they are so easy to wear, light and comfortable. i got the shades outlaw, mother and lolita II and love them dearly and theres nothing bad to say about them but my favourite ever ever ever liquid lipstick has to be the jeffree star velour liquid lipstick in unicorn blood. this is just the best thing i have ever bought. everything about it is perfect. no formula is as light on the lips but stays put the way it does. its flawless and you should get one yourself.
last but not least there are two palettes i have been loving. one is the carli bybel palette from bh cosmetics. carli is just a queen as it is and her palette is perfect. the most amazing eyeshadows and highlighters in one palette. mine looks very bruised and battled so i have to get a new one pretty soon. i think i have been talking about the urban decay naked smoky palette so much the past year because it just is perfect. the quality of urban decay eyeshadows is no secret and even though this palette seems to be only suitable for very dramatic makeup, it can create the best day to day makeup look ever and i will probably use this in 2017 too.

here we go, my beauty favourites of 2016. what are yours? let me know and i hope everyone of us will have the best year ever.


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