Introducing Elena Isabelle

Oh hello you lovely people! look how beautiful my little blog looks. when 2017 rolled around i decided it was about time to transform my blog in what i always wanted it to be so i spend the past weeks working out what i want, what i want to share and what you probably want to read. i had to find a new template, pipdig is just fab, and did one of the biggest steps surrounding my little blog and its going self hosted. what a step to take and it was quite a challenge to make sure everything works out fine and you can actually see my mew blog, so here we go. 2017, a new chapter.
A New Name
As Much as i loved my old blog name i wanted to make everything more personal. you guys should know who is writing here and its me Elena Isabelle. After doing a little poll on twitter you guys also seemed to prefer that name for my blog so from now on you will be able to find me on www.elenaisabelle.com and my Twitter & Instagram are @ ElenaIsabelle_

A Proper Schedule
I am scared of failing sometimes and i even though my blog is not by job and i basically could post whatever whenever i want but i want to be committed with my blog and do my best, challenge my content and do what i want to do. new posts will be going up every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Tuesdays will be for Beauty/Recipe Posts, Thursdays for Fashion/Lifestyle Posts and Sundays for my Sunday Mood Series. i want to put a lot more effort into my content, especially when it comes to photography and the actual message i want to get across. i want it to be more me and what i enjoy, especially when it comes to fashion posts and i hope i can find my own way of doing it very quickly.
So here we are, on my new blog and i’m just over the moon with it and hope you enjoy it too. please let me know what you think and if theres anything you want to read on here or if you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments.

Hello Lovely!

Welcome to Elena Isabelle; A personal Blog about everything I am passionate about from Fashion to Beauty and a little bit of Interior and other Lifestyle Topics thrown in the mix. I hope you will enjoy your stay and lets get browsing!

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