Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2017

Essie Giveaway

i always said i wanted to do giveaways on my blog because i think they are fun but i never knew how to start and how to do them and being given the chance to do a giveaway with caseapp gave me a little kick so here we go again!
i was lucky enough to get the essie advent calendar from my mum and i loved it so much but since i have gel nails and a huge essie collection already, i knew that there would be some products i either already have or some i can't use because of my gels and instead of have them lying around i thought some of you might just love and use them and i want to give back to you for deciding to follow me which seems like a bit of a miracle to me. i hope i can do more giveaways but i won't promise anything right here. anyway, this essie giveaway includes:

• a full size essie nail polish in mesmerized 
• 2 essie nail sleek sticks in oh my gold & so haute
• the essie brilliant advice whitening nail treatment
• a nail buffing block
• a little essie make up bag

to enter i decided once again to do it over rafflecopter because i think is fuss free but if you have any other ideas on how to run giveaways fuss free for you, please let me know. also, this giveaway is open internationally. i hope you enjoy it and i'm just so happy to be giving something back to you.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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